– Transom Mounted Rudder Assembly

Precision machined from high quality one piece castings in either Manganese Bronze or Nickel Aluminium Bronze.

The transom mounted rudder housings are fitted with seals to prevent the ingress of water.

Backing plates can be supplied along with fixing bolts and greasers for lubricating the bearings.

The transom mounted rudders have an integral cast, anti-cavitation plate at the top of the blade.

– Bronze Rudder Tube Assembly

This assembly is designed for trough hull installation.

The flange of the tube is bolted to the hull and the top is uspported by a traverse floor.

The tube is cast in gunmetal LG2 and can be grace lubricated through an injection point provided.

– GRP Rudder Housing Assembly

The GRP rudder type assembly is designed for through hull installation.

The tube should be glassed to the hull at the bottom and supported at the top by a transverse floor.

The tube is manufactured from high quality marine grade GRP and is fitted with polyacetal bearings.

– Custom Rudder Assemblies

Wherever possible standard rudders should be fitted, because they are manufactured in quantity making them less expensive.

However, there are occasions when it is not possible to use a standard rudder.

Thus we are able to design and custom rudders to suit any application.